President Donald J. Trump – A President and A Leader

First  Presidential Address to Congress by President Trump

President Trump, spoke at his Presidential Address to the Nation of , The United States of America. His speech was with , “Style and Purpose” ! He spoke of his, accomplishments thus far in his Administration . Despite the Democrat’s in Congress with their outright agenda to slow and limit the President Trump in order to slow his progress down, President Trump keeps on moving forward attempting to achieve, all his previously stated goals. In History NO New President has ever gotten so much done, with so little support . Upon taking the Podium it was standard for the , “Opposition Party”, (Democrats) would remain seated, as all the rest of the attendees would stand. It was sad to watch, those in Congress , “NOT”,  stand and acknowledge the President Trump, but that is Politics it is sad.
      President Trump stated, that Trillion’s of Dollars were spent over-seas, while the Infrastructure here in the USA was ageing and the Factories and Labor were migrating Over-Seas, as the crumbling and our Neglected Inner Cities would be re-born and supported. He furthered that key Industries have pledged, “Billions and Billions of Dollars” and that Industries first born in the USA would return to the shores of the U.S.A. The Stock Market his gone up to RECORD levels creating over 3 Trillion Dollars.
      President Trump also stated that as we defended the Borders of other Countries, we ignored , our own Borders. The supply of Illegal Drugs and Thugs from other Borders and has been a destructive drain on the Economy of the USA. He Pledged to insure that the Aging Military Equipment, never seen in such ill-repair before. To insure that new American Jobs will be created and Technology will be created. He pledged to , “Drain-The Swamp”, or get rid of the Waste of Taxpayer Funds from within the Government.
       President Trump pledged to support the Coal Miners, who have been tied down with too many Regulations and that New Oil Pipe-lines be installed and that the Trans Pacific Partnership be , “Terminated”!  That the small Businesses be motivated to flourish . He also stated that the Organized Crime Cartels be eliminated from this Countries shores from Coast-Coast ! He pledged the enforcement of the Rule of Law, already on the Books ! A, “Great Wall will be soon started to be built along the Southern Borders !
        The protection of Terrorist Attacks against this Country from “Radical, Islamic-Terrorist-Threat” like the ones in , Paris France, Belgium, Germany and all over the World. The response to those attacks will result in , “Better Vetting” and increased scrutiny,  if  they are to be admitted. He also pledged sanctions to those who support those terrorist attacks and continue to attempt to destroy Freedom and the American-way-of-Life!

President Trump Interviewed by Bill O’Reilly’s FoxNews
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         There are currently 94 Million people currently of of a Job, over 43 Million people live in Poverty, 1 out of every 5 people are not working. The USA Financial Picture is , “The Worst in 65 Years and the previous President in only 8 Years , has created more Debt than all Presidents in HISTORY ! The Trade Deffest is 800 Billion Dollars ! Tragic Foreign Policies have all but created a destructive effect upon the standing of this Country. This President has pledged to reconstruct the TAX System and re-create, a vibration of huge amount of Benefit to the American People and that Immigration System will be restored and achieve an outcome which has eluded an outcome for Decades. He quoted many other previous successful Presidents who has been successful in the past.
         The , “Repeal and Replacement”, of the Failed Obama Care program was also stated, as a Top Priority ! To lower the cost of Health Insurance, is the key to a sustainable National Program. Obama Care is , “Collapsing” and will soon become a , COMPLETE DISASTER” !! The new Program will consist of a series of Tax Incentive  and NOT forced by the Gov’t and to insure that , “No one is left out” !  The cost of Drug;s be reduced to a reasonable cost and far better care.
          President Trump urged both the Democrats and Republicans to work together to improve the Military, Infrastructure and Woman’s Right’s. To improve better schools and affordable Education for all Children , regardless of their Financial Status. He furthered that Parents will be able to choose which school and the type of Education process they want.
           The President’s Speech went on to quote many other issues, but I assume that this President is a , “Rare and Must Have”, Leader ! I was a pleasure to witness this delivery of,”Greatness and Sereneness”, never in my Lifetime, ever heard !

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            Now there are the New accusations of mis-Management coming from the White House. WHAT ???? Yes there has been a pointed and planned operation by the Democratic Party to, Dis Credit this President Trump and plan to Demean his truly, “OUTSTANDING” job he has accomplished thus far. It has been suggested that the Hundreds of prior- President Obama are still employed in the White House and the Root of the discordance which follows any Trump accomplishment .. It will be time before those people are discovered , but when that happens, this writer is sure they will be terminated and replaced, or even prosecuted.
              President Trump also stated that NATO is a vital organization , but that other Nations need to pay their fair share in the cost of maintaining Freedom. That he, President Trump is , NOT President of the World, that he is the President of The  United States of America and as that will work to Provide the best for the American People, with their interest at hand. That every problem in this Country can be fixed and to get it done and get it done right ! That both Parties in Congress work together to enhance a one broken system. Rebuild the Military and the Infrastructure is among the First tasks, he will tackle. “That we the People in the United States of America” , we are in good safe hands with President Trump at the Helm, but we,” MUST” not falter with the Media Hate, combined with the Child-Like antics of the Democrats, (looser of the Election).
              “This Country has a President and a Leader”, I support this Man, this Gift of a Human Being and thank God, as “In God we Trust Him”.
By:B Silverman

President Donald J. Trump – A President and A Leader

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